Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lucky 89 Casino - Card Peeping Scam

Ms.Sann Samnang - Dealer  Involved

Mr. Dara ( Scammer)

Ms. Prum Chantha ( Scammer)

Mr.Sotha  (Scammer)

Card Peeping Scam is a very common scam in Cambodia casino. On 3/12/2011 @23:47 Hrs , unfortunately it happen at Lucky 89 casino.  The dealers was collaborate with the players by shuffling slowly and exposing certain amount of cards to the collaborator players. Their modus operandi was exposing the first decks and last decks of card when doing the inter-lace shuffling procedures. With the help of the Dealers , the said Players was looking at all the expose cards before he start playing.  When the player was offer to do the cutting of the decks , they make their cut at about 1-11/2 decks of card from the back of the shoe so that this expose card will appear on the between 1st & 2nd. decks of the playing shoe. They will hit you when the indicator card come up. ( )